Grand Poste, Liège

Renovation and conversion of the Grand Poste into a multifuntional centre including a digital and creative hub, a microbrewery and a food court

PARTNERS Lemaire Ingénieurs I Atelier Phi
LOCATION Rue de la Régence I 4000 Liège
AREAS 8.060 m²
BUDGET € 21.250.000
TIMING 2006-2021
STATUS Completed
CREDIT Georges De Kinder

The Grand Poste (originally also called « Hôtel des Postes ») is an emblematic neo-gothic building designed by Edmond Jamar and inaugurated in 1901, located in the heart of the Cathedral district of Liege. 120 years later, this landmark reshapes the social and economic fabric of the city thanks to its transformation into a multifunctional pole, including a digital and creative hub, a micro-brewery and a food court. This intervention showcases the expertise of ALTIPLAN° Architects in the field of restoration and reconversion of architectural heritage.

The building is an incubator for small businesses and contributes to the creation of a digital and creative district in the city center. A large workspace has been set up for media and digital start-ups. An important part of the ground floor is dedicated to the Communication department of the University of Liege, which is a major player in the life of the city. The Master in Journalism section of the University takes advantage of the facilities available in the complex : newsrooms, editing rooms, television and radio studios, etc.

In March 2022, the Grand Poste project was awarded « Best Coworking Space » by CBRE Belgium. This recognition is in addition to the awards already received by the building, which also won the « Best (Semi-)public Development » title at the RES Awards 2021 and the « City of Liege Architectural Heritage Grand Prize« .

First Floor