Court-Village, Court-St-Etienne

Construction of a new co-district (housing, retail, crèche)

PARTNERS ABR I Sweco I ABV development
LOCATION Site Henricot, 2 I 1490 Court-Saint-Etienne
AREAS 23.000 m² (phase 1) I 20.300 m² (phase 2)
BUDGET € 33M (phase 1) I € 33,5M (phase 2)
TIMING 2011-...
STATUS Ongoing
CREDIT Georges De Kinder I Asymétrie

The ambition of the municipality of Court-Saint-Etienne was to give a new life and purpose to the site of the former Henricot factory. In line with this initiative, we conducted a complete urban, functional and sociological analysis of the existing context.

The purpose of the project was to heal the final scar left in the city center by the end of the industrial activity of the Henricot factories. To meet this challenge, we imagined the new neighborhood as an extension of the activities and functions already present on site, both on regional and local levels. In this way, the project becomes a catalyst that strenghtens the attractiveness of the region and the city. The program offers a mix and complementarity of functions, within the new district and in relation to the adjacent neighborhoods: retail spaces of varying sizes and a diversity of housing typologies.

The integration of concepts such as mobility, nuisance management, pollution and waste management, the quality of housing, the creation of attractive and inclusive public spaces contribute to a harmonious and human development of the site. Green spaces such as the Dyle river, water features, gardens, parks, places for walking and relaxation occupy an important place in the project.