Champ de la Lune, Braine-le-Comte

Construction of a new sports complex including swimming pools, spa area and fitness club

CLIENT Ville de Braine-le-Comte
PARTNERS SportOase I VK Engineering
LOCATION Rue d'Horrues, 53 I 7090 Braine-le-Comte
AREAS 4.600 m²
BUDGET € 9.500.000 HTVA
TIMING 2012-2013
STATUS Completed
CREDIT Georges De Kinder

Champ de la Lune is the first project developed by Sportoase in the Walloon region in a Public/Private partnership.

Sportoase developed and operates the complete sports complex on behalf of the municipality.

The competition winning project articulates the complex in a striking architectural image where the sloping roof supported by glulam structures seems to float above the swimming and leisure pools.

Adults as well as children are welcome in a suite of facilities which include swimming, playing and relaxation spaces.

Façade / Section