Tram Museum

restoration of the tram museum

As far as possible, the restoration of the museum buildings and tram depot on Avenue de Tervuren, a listed structure since 2001, aims to return the buildings to their original condition from the 1950s.

The site has aspects evoking the various eras it has witnessed. The two former tram sheds in which the museum is housed have retained their overall structure of elegant glass windows,cast-iron columns and timbers.

The building’s frontages are being given a full makeover by having their brick facings enclosed and their frames and cornices renovated. Roofs are also being restored to their former glory: corrugated sheets are being replaced by “storm” tiles complete with their original skylights.

The original wooden gables, still visible inside the museum, will be restored to public view. Gable lighting will be re-installed, as will track-number signs. The recesses in which staff could shelter safely from passing trams will be re-created in identical fashion along the long facade and on the cobbled forecourt opposite the museum. One of the tracks inside the museum will be extended to join the modern-day STIB network. The cast-iron gate which used to close off the forecourt on Avenue de Tervuren will be rebuilt. Finally, further improvements will be made to enhance the museum’s visitor facilities and fire-safety provisions.

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STIB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles)
8.645 m²
Règle d'or de l'urbanisme dans la catégorie espace public
Georges De Kinder