Sports Hall “Abattoir”

construction of a sports hall

The project involves building a sports infrastructure for the municipality of Herstal.  The ensemble consists of:

  • a 22 m by 44 m sports area with a free height of 7.80 m;
  • a cafeteria with terrace for 330 people overlooking the sports area;
  • a 15 m by 26 m multi-purpose area with a free height of 3.50 m;
  • changing rooms and toilets,
  • billiard room and a bar overlooking the sports area, with separate access,
  • technical premises.

Unfinished, industrial type materials are used. These provide a strong image, direct and adapted to the building’s function.  The use of industrially produced raw concrete in the form of insulated sandwich panels reflects the concern for durability, while inside, cladding panels with acoustic finishing guarantee value for money and comfort of use.  In the cafeteria block, light grey fibre cement panels ensure the clear legibility of functions and providing a more finished look.

Galvanized metal grid panels will be used as façade cladding. These grids will come down over the facade to create a frame for the entrance and the billiard terrace. With their robust and well-finished aspect and act as a unifying element ensuring the overall consistency of the construction.

4005_Project Sheet Hall sportif Abattoir Herstal

City of Herstal
4.558 m²
Georges De Kinder