Sport Centre “La Préalle”

construction of a sport centre

The sports centre in Herstal has the following main features: a multi-sports hall measuring 36 metres by 40 metres, a climbing space 14 metres in height, a room for combat sports, a table tennis room, a gymnasium, meeting rooms, a cafeteria, changing rooms for players and officials, etc.

The hall is covered using three tri-dimensional metallic structures extending for 45 metres. The clearance height is 10 metres.  Stands provide seating for 720 spectators. The car park has space for 200 or so cars and a dozen coaches. The total enclosed space is 28,500 m³.

The choice of materials was made within the framework of our search for sustainable and functional materials that offer easy maintenance and optimum recycling.

The building has its own solar panels and uses co-generation. Other techniques, e.g. automation and movement detection, enable running costs to be optimised.

As part of an extra assignment, we have been appointed to build a fitness room.

Project Sheet Hall sportif Herstal

City of Herstal
23.355 m²
Bureau Clotuche