Sky Atrium

reconstruction of an office building

ALTIPLAN°’s proposed project has won the competition to redevelop the Sky Atrium, rue du Commerce in Brussels. The new building, designed to the passive standard, connects two buildings of different sizes. The white envelope gives unity to a volume composed of recesses and terraces, and provides architectural stability to the surrounding area. An atrium punctuates the composition to provide a unique identity within the local district.

The project frees up the inside of the urban block to create a ground-level garden visible from the street through the lobby.

Designed for a multi-tenant occupation, the project offers great rental flexibility (up to four tenants per level) as well as a versatile occupation of the ground floor.

F01 54 4250 SKY ATRIUM

DEKA Immobilien - WestInvest
8.200 m²
Competition 2012