Rue Tridomez

construction of 39 apartments and parking facilities, and landscaping

The distribution of the buildings reflected the specific features of the site and customer requirements:

  • Orientation: each apartment faces south/south-west
  • Privacy: the patios are not directly visible from neighbouring apartments;
  • Contours: the buildings blend in with the site’s contours – they are higher than the ground in the north and slightly buried in the south.
  • Views: the majority of apartments are “see-through”, benefiting from a view over the “park” with its trees and shrubs in the south and a view of the town to the north.

The project consists of 4 different buildings making full use of the site despite its non-standard shape.

The surfaces of the buildings are treated “full” and “empty” depending on the orientation, view and privacy considerations. The south-/south-west-facing walls have large bay windows flanked by wide patios, while the north-/north-west-facing walls are more monolithic.

This duality is accentuated by diametrically opposing textures and colours: smooth and clear on the south side and dark and rough on the north side. Roofs are slightly inclined, boosting the visible appearance from the new road through the resultant trapezoidal façades.

Part of the access road and parking spaces are paved with concrete grass blocks proving visible continuity between the paved and planted areas. Behind the buildings there is a “park”.

4161_Project Sheet Tridomez Malmedy

Entreprises Jean Wust s.a.
6.900 m²