La Barcarolle Resthome

construction of a resthome

As the site features quite a steep slope and is fairly restricted from a construction point of view, a multi-level building was needed.

To limit the visible impact of this 153-bed nursing home and to help the complex tie in with the neighbouring houses, all technical and service rooms are underground.

A first wing, running parallel to the road, harbours the nursing home entrance, as well as the premises used for routine nursing home life (a hairdresser, a small lounge, a cafeteria, a restaurant, etc.)

The home features a central garden, giving access to the rooms and the communal areas. A second garden devoted to rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions is located to the east of the building.

The way the complex is oriented reduces the risks of overheating while at the same time offering a view of the bustling central area.

We made use of the site’s natural contours not only to provide protection for the areas at risk of overheating, but also to gain high-quality outside spaces landscaped in such a way that they contribute to the quality of life within the building.

4235_Project Sheet CPAS Verviers MRS Stembert

BELFIUS (pour le CPAS de Verviers)
10.634 m²
Creative Architecture
Competition 2012
G. De Kinder