Quai St-Léonard

construction of 14 apartments and a retail or office space

The project features 13 2-room apartments and one 3-room apartment on nine floors. The two top floors are somewhat set back at the front and back of the building, thereby making the building seem less high.

The design of the facades on the first 7 floors differs from that of the top 2 floors.  It features pre-cast white concrete blocks seemingly placed randomly, whereby each narrow-width block separates one bay window from the next, acting as a sun shield. Each apartment has a sunny balcony with a glass balustrade and a splendid view of the Meuse and the Outremeuse neighbourhood thanks to the full-length bay windows.

The top 2 floors differ in volume. The building is clad in white metal, whereby the apartments have large terraces clad in exotic wood.
The facade will incorporate discrete LED lighting, switched on in the evenings.
The rear facade and the gable are covered by white rendering.

There will be 15 parking spaces and 1 disabled parking space at the rear. Particular attention has been paid to the landscaping with a view to giving the complex a green touch: the parking spaces are made of a reinforced grass paving system, while the roadways are of self-draining concrete. A tree and numerous shrubs will be planted. The surfaces between the car park and the site’s boundaries will be lawn.

F04 54 4300 S’Cape Liège

1.700 m²
Miysis, Georges De Kinder