Place Léopold, Arlon

Redevelopment of the square and park and construction of an underground carpark

The guiding idea behind redeveloping the Place Léopold is to highlight the square’s place in the landscape but also to put a place where people can gather together back on the map of Arlon.

To restore the federative character of the square and preserve the two historical functions, the square and the park, we sought a coherent landscape gesture through the complementary and harmonious use of colours and materials, while at the same time accentuating the fluidity of the topography and spaces.

Each proposed activity has its own place:

  • Place Léopold – a square for hosting the town’s principal events,
  • the park – a green leisure area leading off the square,
  • terraced wet zones creating a space rich in biodiversity,
  • two playgrounds, one with fountains, located just in front of the horeca area.

The various spaces blend in with each other:

  • with the old fortifications separating the built-up area from the park;
  • through the use of benches, terraces or stairs, the separating walls offer a soft transition between the various topographical levels;
  • the park trees serve as the entrance to the park.

Our goal was to thus showcase the central location of the Place Léopold, making it a gathering space for the whole town.

City of Arlon
Competition 2019
BUUR, Stratec, BEL