Perex Centre

Upgrade of the existing building and construction of a new control centre

The Perex Centre project involves the construction of two new control rooms, a 400m² server room, offices for the Walloon regional government, the federal police and the Walloon Road Safety Agency, as well as conference rooms with the requisite facilities (kitchen, etc.). It also includes the landscaping of the site, as well as secure parking facilities.  PEREX Centre operations will continue uninterrupted during the work.

Key points:
•    Absolutely contemporary architecture with the use of aluminium in various forms for the cladding
•    Treatment of the two buildings as a single complex to achieve a consistent design with string visual identification.
•    Very high level of security: access management, etc.
•    New Perex 4.0 PASSIVE building upgraded to a NZEB (Near zero energy) standard.
•    Architecture with staggered volumes for energy considerations and allowing large glazed surfaces.
•    The heat recovered from the computer servers covers the whole building’s heating needs.
•    Integrated cooling via the structural floor slabs.
•    No beams inside the building (columns on slabs and shear walls) allowing a flexible layout.
•    Level K 19, heating requirement of 7KW/H/m²/p.a.

On completion of the work, heating energy consumption will drop by 80% compared to the current situation, despite the increase in surface area from 2 000 to 6 000m². The energy requirements of the new building will be 16 times lower than those of the existing building for a surface area more than doubled.

F01 68 4765 CENTRE PEREX

Daussoult (Namur)
6 000 m² (existing building 2.000 m² - extension 4.000 m²)
On going
Atelier de l'Arbre d'Or, Greisch, Néo Ides, Franki, Imtech
Competition 2016