Rest Home Sainte-Ode

Construction of a new 90-bed rest and nursing home

The project involves the construction of a new rest and nursing home replacing the old “Seniorie Sainte Ode” rest home.

The plan is to create:
• 60 rest/nursing beds, in two 30-bed units;
• 15 beds for disoriented patients in a separate unit:
• 15 short-stay beds, again in a separate unit;
• the service facilities necessary for each unit.

The building’s exact location was the subject of intense initial planning, as the plot presented major difficulties on account of its dimensions, its sloping nature and its orientation. The outcome was a T-shaped building with a main wing and two side wings. This layout is considered best for the following reasons:
• all traffic converges in the centre of the “T”, which also acts as a core or hub providing easy access for all services;
• distances are kept as short as possible for both staff and residents;
• the layout also allows possible extensions around this core through the addition of new wings.

Given the building’s rural setting, we wanted the new rest home to fully blend in with the existing buildings, without the new wings dominating. The desire to cut the building into three distinct wings grouped together around a central core was very important for us, as we wanted the sheer size of the building to blend in with the neighbouring buildings.

The play of the roofs, sometimes with flat roofs to accentuate their simplicity and reduce the impression of height, sometimes with gable roofs to blend in with the existing buildings, creates a harmonious picture.

Both contemporary yet respectful of local traditions in its shape and facades, this architecture exudes calm, tying in with the traditional values of the elderly.


6.670 m²
On going
Creative Architecture