Le Marquis

major reconstruction of an office building

Ideally located next Brussels’ fourteenth-century cathedral, the Marquis building required thorough renovation after the departure of its original tenant.

Lacking clarity with its discreet entrances, lacking transparency with its centre occupied by a rarely used outdoor auditorium, and lacking flexibility in the arrangement of its vertical traffic cores, the building underwent in-depth analysis to provide solutions that respect the unique morphology of the  ensemble.

All floors have been redesigned to maximize their flexibility and to integrate the required technical features (dynamic chilled beams integrated into the acoustic panelling, generalized false floors). This reconfiguration has doubled the number of workplaces per level.

The main entrance to the city centre has been entirely redesigned. Opening at double height onto the new park created by the Region, the building now has a clearly identifiable ‘address’.

The entrance sequence continues through to the heart of the building in the centre of the block, where a vast circular hall organizes the access to various zones of the building: vertical traffic, parking, meeting rooms, restaurant, … the whole is bathed in natural light with a spectacular self-carrying rooflight. Designed by reputed technical expert Mr Ganji the ensemble has been conceived to very high levels of structural finesse, thermally efficient glazing and acoustic control.

F01 34 3293 LE MARQUIS

AEW Europe
45.500 m²
Arte Charpentier & Associés, Paris
Georges De Kinder