Charleroi Exhibition hall

renovation of exhibition hall

Erected in 1954, the centre occupies an important site within the city.  The aim of the project is to restore the business driver role to this urban hub and to position Charleroi as an exhibition location.

Our reflections were guided by two goals:

  • to benefit as much as possible from the existing architecture and the generous space by proposing a ‘light’ transformation.
  • to support the spatial approach in the building’s technical refurbishment – work indispensable for its long-term survival and functioning.

The preserved administrative building is being redesigned for uses associated with urban life (restaurant, site administration, concierge services). It is also regaining its place in the urban landscape through the terrace created alongside the south facade.

The central hall is the target of most of the work.  Its potential is reinforced by the light streaming in from the patio, the concentration of repositioned stairways, and the creation of the so-called “urban window”, a large window opening the hall to the outside.

The reflections on the design of the building’s interior focused on highlighting the specific features of the existing architecture:

  • Getting the building to “speak” with the outside through offering views to the outside and letting in natural light.
  • Removing unnecessary walls to create ambiance, helped by the forest of columns.
  • Underlining the new spatial design via a colour scheme denoting the function of the various spaces.

4621_Project Sheet Palais Exposition Charleroi

City of Charleroi
60.000 m²
Competition 2015
Polo Architects, Bureau d'études Lemaire, JNC, Radiance 35, Semaco PM, B.A.N.P.