Design Station

construction of a design centre and 13 apartments

Located between the esplanade of Liege Guillemins Station and the new residential district, the aim of the new Design Station is to become a top Liege landmark in the field of design and a true research and work tool for designers.

The desire to create something that can easily be picked out from the new esplanade and that serves as a “door” to the new district quickly becomes apparent.

A transparent base out of line with the rest of the building harbours two floors of exhibition space. The natural colour of the concrete facade gives the building a sober look. Resting on the base, a parallelepiped rising 6 m high above the curtain wall is “earthed” via three metal columns arranged in a zigzag manner. These columns in turn allow the creation of an overhang, extending the building both physically and virtually over the pavement. The floors within the parallelepiped are reserved for the designers and are enveloped in a translucent skin playing with natural light during the day and with the street lighting at night. Stained white, these areas with their smooth textures offer the occupants the possibility to adapt their surroundings through furniture or prototypes under study.

The rear of the site features thirteen apartments. The building is full of recesses and corbels, allowing views to be framed, making the most of sunlight and creating terraces.

4276_Project Sheet Centre Design

3.700 m²
Creative Architecture
Competition 2011
G. De Kinder