Convention Centre and Centre for Fine Arts

construction of a convention centre and renovation of centre for fine arts

The idea behind the newly designed Convention Centre is to make it a meeting place for the whole city.  To achieve this, a vast volume – a bit like a spaceship – overlooks a slightly sloping pedestrian area, creating a very special, bright and welcoming organic space: the Convention Centre forum.  The incline of its lower floors underlines the welcoming doorway to the city, inviting citizens to stroll in.

Completely modern, the Centre’s architecture is designed to allow a respectful dialogue with its more classical neighbour, the Centre for Fine Arts. To achieve this, two strategies are used. First, the Convention Centre has the same height as the Centre for Fine Arts, with the two thus forming an ensemble bordering the boulevard.  Second, the material and colour used for Convention Centre facade match that of its neighbour, making the two somewhat unexpected but harmonious twins. Typical of the two juxtaposed buildings is their generosity of access. While the entrance to Centre for Fine Arts is more static and symmetric, that of the Convention Centre is dynamic and open, i.e. each reflects the character of the epoch in which it was built.

4620_Project Sheet PBA Charleroi

City of Charleroi
Competition 2015
Polo Architects, Bureau d'études Lemaire, JNC, Radiance 35, B.A.N.P., Semaco PM