“Vaasport” sports infrastructure

Design study for the construction of new sports facilities

Located in the centre of the La Louvière sports infrastructure, VAASPORT is designed to allow people of all ages to practice their sports in a well-equipped complex. Its location at the crossroads of several paths and roads means that it well linked to the outdoor sports facilities.

The idea behind establishing the centre on this spot is its readability and clarity. The complex is entered via a wide esplanade, Fair-Play Square, a square constituting the complex’s backbone. All access points to the various elements of the sports centre lead off from this square, the complex’s hub. In addition to the high readability this offers to users, this place is the potential venue for various activities more or less related to the sports centre. It could be publicly accessible, perhaps offering areas for such urban sports as street basketball, skateboarding, etc.

The planned building will enclose this space, with the service buildings lower down giving the complex a scale apprehensible by visitors. Facing south, this is just the right place for a stroll after a training session, for meeting up with friends before a match, for waiting for children, etc.

The U-shaped building is designed to bring together in one compact building the various elements that are interconnected rather than juxtaposed.  On the left, the Multisport hall and the martial arts hall make up a two-story building. Opposite is the gym and its changing rooms, while to the right we find the Maison des Sports and the Conciergerie. Access to the running track for athletes is via the space under the terraces, at the end of the square on training days, and from the entrance to the square on competition/match days when spectators have direct access to the terraces and the track.


City of La Louvière
6.500 m²
Competition 2018
Ney & Partners, VK Engineering