Antwerp International School

Development of the “Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Centre”

The “Antwerp International School” (AIS) is a private primary and secondary school located in Ekeren. It is made up of several buildings on a green campus.

As part of its interdisciplinary “STEM” (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) space project, AIS wants to modernise and enhance the current facilities in Building 400 (the former gym) to create new collaboration spaces, including a Fab Lab, workshops for materials, and digital, robotic and computing spaces.

The former gym is to become a core multifunctional open space with see-through partitions and access doors to the classrooms. Higher up, an open gallery accessible via a large staircase from the multifunctional room provides access to the classrooms. To make the spaces more amenable and provide natural light, new windows and rooflights are to be added.

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Antwerp International School (AIS)
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