Agro-economic hub

construction of an agro-economic hub

The building’s various elements are positioned parallel to the road, alternating with strips of garden to allow sunlight to pervade all work spaces. The surroundings have been designed accordingly, as reflected by the way they have been planted.

The planned architecture differs from that generally found in business parks, inspired by farm buildings yet with a contemporary dimension. With its pleated contours, the building moulds in with the countryside opposite.

The main entrance featuring the lobby provides access to the whole centre, arranged in a ring around a patio:  the meeting room, the upper floor offices, and the basement. It also gives access to the experimental vegetable plots and the labs situated alongside the main building.

Located at the centre of the complex, the cafeteria is designed as a place for informal meetings and discussions between scientists and the farming community. It opens out onto the patio with its outside tables and chairs.

Symbolising the centre’s public function, the upper-floor administrative volume clearly displays its function and importance. At the heart of the complex, it is close to all services, while its height makes it a landmark in the surrounding countryside.

F01 65 4545 CPAR WAVRE

Centre Provincial de l'Agriculture et de la Ruralité (CPAR)
2.500 m²
Competition 2015