Extensive renovation and extension of an office building

The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) is an organisation created by the Georgetown Agreement in 1975. Originally created with the aim of coordinating cooperation between its members and the European Union, the Group is now engaged in many different fields, whether trade-related, economic, political or cultural, and works in a wide range of international bodies.

The current building consists of a 5-storey office wing looking out onto the street and a rear 2-storey part used for meeting and conference rooms. The building is in dire need of extensive renovation. Since its creation, the number of ACP member states has grown to 79, all of which regularly participate in meetings. This necessitates the creation of a spacious room able to cater for large-scale conferences.

The project involves the extensive renovation of the building while maintaining the existing structure. This will however need to be adjusted to allow the construction of a large new semi-circular 1st-floor conference room with a dome-shaped roof covered with standing seam zinc strips. The remaining flat roofs are to become green roofs.

The building is to be completely refinished and the technical facilities replaced. All the facades are to be redone, with the windows replaced and insulation in line with current standards added.

Set to be moved a few metres from its current position, the building’s entrance will be highlighted by the vertical composition of the overhanging bay element.

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ACP (The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States)
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