Construction of a passive-standard eco-neighbourhood on Coronmeuse site

The NEO-LEGIA consortium was awarded the project for realising an exemplary eco-district on the Coronmeuse site in Liege, following a competitive dialogue procedure of unprecedented volume. The design phase of the project, which has an investment volume of €313 million, was awarded to an association of 4 architectural firms: ALTIPLAN Architects, ARTAU Architectures, SART TILMAN and SYNTAXE.

The main aim of the programme is to construct new housing open to all categories of people. This will be done via different types of housing, including apartments for the elderly.

The project also includes the development of a school complex and two crèches. A large section of shopping facilities and services will meet not only the needs of future inhabitants but is also intended to attract customers from further away. This attraction will be boosted by the inclusion of offices, a hotel, restaurants and cafés.

The establishment of a business centre will help upgrade the district, presenting an opportunity to develop further activities benefiting Liege. Each separate zone of the project will have its own specific ambiance in line with its usages.

The proposal’s strength lies in the realisation of simple and evolutionary town planning principles.

In view of the district’s current and planned mobility arrangements and given the objective of reducing vehicle traffic within the new district, voluntary-based principles have been established to limit access to such traffic in favour of other means of transport.

Five entry points have been defined along the main roads bordering the site, allowing inhabitants and users easy access to each zone.  Getting around the site will be done mainly on foot or by bike.


Immo Coronmeuse I Ville de Liège
+/- 200.000 m²
Artau Architectures, Atelier du Sart Tilman, Syntaxe, CIT Blaton, Willemen, Jan De Nul, Louis De Wale
Competition 2017