Ralph Schröder

Partner - Architect and Town Planner

Ralph Schröder, partner of ALTIPLAN°architects, acts as a supervisor and project director in various sectors such as transformation, extension and urban planning.

Born in 1978 in Eupen, city of the German speaking community of Belgium, Ralph is fluent both in German and French. He graduated in Architecture and continued his studies in Urban Planning at the University of Liège.

Ralph Schröder worked for Pissart Van Der Stricht office and for the Ministry of urban planning and territorial development of Wallonia between 2003 and 2004. He then worked as a project manager at Artau Architecture from 2005 until 2007.

He joined ALTIPLAN°architects in 2007 and became partner in 2012.


2012-2014 - development of a seminar and hospitality centre
2014-2017 - extension, conversion and redevelopment of the reception area
2015-2016 - construction of 19 dwellings, 2 shops and improvement of the surrounds
construction of a bank branch
redevelopment of St-Michel district
2011-2012 - transformation and extension of a bank branch
2015-2016 - construction of 165 residential units
construction and marketing of houses, apartments and retail areas
2015-2016 - construction of 12 apartments
2011-2012 - construction of a bank branch and two housing units
2015-2017 - urban regeneration
construction of a sport centre
refurbishment of seven schools
2014-2017 - masterplan
2012-2014 - construction of a business centre