Woluwe Shopping Centre

extension of retail centre

After attending to the project’s full renovation, ALTIPLAN°architects, in association with M. and J.-M. Jaspers & J. Eyers, devised the extension to this landmark shopping centre in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

This new phase will enable completion of the link-up between the existing volumes and the public space.

This extension of the commercial surface will also allow the shopping centre to round off the urban composition of this major junction. Echoing the volumes of the new cultural centre, the effect created by the projected volumes is of an urban gateway. A new entrance with an urban orientation reinforces the centre’s anchoring in the cityscape, and also allows enhanced integration of access to the metro station.

The extension expands the amount of retail space by offering split-level surfaces arranged around a light shaft.

The proposed volumes continue with the same options used during earlier phases: noble, urban materials; rhythmic volumes, whose smaller scale is in harmony with the spatial context: screens, overhanging glass volumes and vertical silo, whose combination embellishes the various viewing angles and highlights the new entrance.

7032_Project Sheet Shopping Woluwe

Investissement foncier Woluwe Shopping Center
33.211 m²
On going
M. & J-M. Jaspers - J. Eyers & Partners