STIB Pulsar Erasme

depot for the driverless metro

The project involves the construction of:
a) two new ‘buildings’, the above-ground administrative building and the below-ground workshop facilities, and
b) underground infrastructures for maintaining and parking metro trains.

What is at stake:

  • STIB Lines 1 & 5 are expected to reach saturation point by 2015;
  • A need to purchase new vehicles;
  • A need for new parking capacity, construction of a new depot on the Erasmus site and refurbishment of the existing Delta depot;
  • A need to renew safety signalling facilities.

The objectives:

  • To double passenger capacity on Lines 1 & 5 (East-West lines) using existing infrastructures – from 14 000 to 28 000 people per hour in each direction;
  • To renew the facilities (rolling stock, signalling, etc.);
  • To enhance safety and service continuity;
  • To have train depots suited to the needs of a fully-automated metro system.

The fully-automated metro is due to start operating in 2019.

4137_Project Sheet STIB Erasme

33.780 m²
awaiting planning permission
Transamo, Grontmij
Competition 2012