Resthome Loriers

construction of a rest and care home and a service residence

The resthome Loriers and the service residence form 2 distinct 4-storey buildings, whereby the nursing home is split into two equal-sized volumes.  This allows the optimal use of daylight and reduces the visual impact of the volumes, while making room for gardens to surround them.

The three floors of nursing rooms are to be found in 2 parallel wings running from east to west, allowing all rooms to benefit from the sun and enabling residents to look out over the surrounding countryside.

All daytime activities for the residents take place on the ground floor, making it a true “forum of life” looking out over the gardens.

The main entrance to the home is located between the two wings, thereby linking them together.

The neighbouring service residence is linked to the nursing home via enclosed walkways on each floor. Each upper floor of the service residence has 6 apartments, while the ground floor has 3, each with its own small private garden.

The service residence is designed in such a way that the number of apartments can, if necessary, be increased to 40.  Sufficient space has been left on the site to allow the construction of two further blocks, each with up to 21 apartments.

The nursing home can similarly be extended to 120 rooms in a second stage through converting the neighbouring service residence, i.e. each apartment is designed in such a way that it can be made into two rooms. The kitchen, restaurant and laundry facilities are also designed to cope with such a possibility.

4142_Project Sheet MRS Loriers Hannut

CPAS Hannut
7.400 m²
Competition 2012
G. De Kinder