Residence Avelines

construction of a rest and care home with 80 beds and 12 service residences

The first construction phase precedes the rest home and service residence extension phases.

The ‘star’ building has a central area which offers views of the three branches of the ‘star’. The project’s stand-out feature is a set of volumes (ground and upper floor) connected by flat-roof junction sections offering a larger number of community areas, living spaces and meeting points in each “neighbourhood”, avoiding long “barrack-style” linear wings.

The site’s service residences are located at the entrance along with the parking spaces, while its grounds have been laid out to include a gardening corner.

The “service residence” building has two levels: a ground floor and an upper floor.

The dominant central section’s ground floor includes the main entrance to the site. Looking out onto the road, this has three levels.

The “rest home” has two levels. The domestic-style bedrooms are contained in volumes with gabled roofs. Communal functions (community areas, bathrooms, storage spaces, etc.) are grouped together in flat-roofed connecting volumes.

The grounds and site are being remodelled to better anchor the new construction to the plot and offer residents possibilities for walks, planted spaces and relaxation areas that are better adapted to the existing plot.

6000_Project Sheet Avelines

Centre Hospitalier Régional de Huy
5.622 m²
Creative Architecture, CPM, Bureau d'Etudes Lemaire
G. De Kinder