construction of 19 dwellings, 2 shops and improvement of the surrounds

The site is located in a large plot bounded to the southeast by the Rue Dumonceau, running parallel to the main inner city ring road.
While the volumetics are taken directly from the lines of force of the surrounding city, the architecture and the internal organization of
different functions, and their volumes and shapes, are reminiscent of the well-known ‘Tetris’ game.

The proposed volumetrics consist of a careful, precise juxtaposition of solids and voids, providing both a sense of variety of individual apartments and an overall sense of unity.

To ensure the sustainability of any project, the main factors to taken into account are the compactness of the built volume, its orientation and the management of openings according to the orientation of the various façades.

Access to the apartments is via exterior corridors. This respects the constraints imposed and offers considerable additional floor space to the dwellings themselves.

The project is for a mix of 2 to 4 bedroom apartments. All have been designed to fit into a simple, clear pattern, common to all types, whether standard or adaptable to persons with disabilities. In all cases, the apartments are ‘through’, with  the living rooms are oriented with views of the inner garden, and promoting a living area inside the city block.

The project includes underground parking, releasing the open air area to be developed as a community garden for residents.

4333_Project Sheet Dumonceau Herstal

Société Régionale du Logement de Herstal
2.800 m²