Belfius Bank Soumagne

construction of a bank branch

The front part of the building has two levels and respects the proportion of the neighbouring houses. The building extends further to the back, and on a single level. The volume created in this way connects with the adjoining houses on one side, and on the other with the shopping area set back from the main road. The bank building closes off the empty space (parking lot) in front of the neighbouring supermarket.

The cube-shaped volume produced by its flat roofs, is animated by the interplay of solids and voids of varying proportions. The large glazed parts create patios in the public areas of the bank. In the offices, smaller openings maintain the necessary privacy.

For safety reasons, the main entrance is set laterally, away from the busy main road.

The recessed entrance, creating a hollow in the mass of the façade, marks the angle and lends a distinctive note to the whole.

The building is finished in light grey cement panels, in different widths to give a sense of rhythm within the uniformity.

F10 05 4145 Dexia Soumagne

400 m²
Georges De Kinder