Belfius Bank Grétry

construction of a bank branch and two housing units

This project consists of building a new bank branch and dwellings in Rue Grétry.  It has been decided to demolish the two existing houses and erect a new building, without changing the original measurements:  cornice height, ridge height, etc. The new street façade respects the proportions of the vertical bays along the street. The outcome is a reinterpretation of the original architecture in a contemporary form, characterized by the simplicity of its shapes and the precision of the detail work.

The project consists of the bank branch, on the ground floor, and two dwellings on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The mixed nature of the project is in line with the wishes of the city of Liège.

The branch occupies the ground floor area and part of the upper area.  The architecture allows for maximum penetration of natural light into the branch via large bay windows on the first floor.

The two and three bedroom apartments are generously sized, with outdoor terraces, offering ideal city centre accommodation for young families.

3979_Project sheet Dexia Gretry 2

Belfius s.a.
738 m²
Georges De Kinder