Belfius Bank Flémalle

transformation and extension of a bank branch

This major renovation-conversion project focuses on reorganizing the interior volumes, without changing the structure or the façades.

The extension part of the project is situated at the rear of the existing volume. The objective is to create a discrete volume grafted on in a way that respects the existing building. While differing architecturally through the use of like rough plaster and glass, the new part remains in perfect harmony with the existing building.

The project adheres strictly to the initial measurements, i.e. cornice height, proportion of volumes, and continuing the brick patterning. The only charge to the façade is a facelift of the lobby part.

At the rear, the additional functions are grouped around a landscaped garden with a transparent and open architecture. This concept allows maximum penetration of natural light into the branch to create a comfortable working area both for employees and for visiting customers.

The project consists of a bank branch located mainly on the ground floor. The upper floor remains intact. The size of the branch will be increased by approximately 88 m² on the ground floor.

4097_Project Sheet Dexia Flémalle

Belfius s.a.
422 m²
Georges De Kinder