Inauguration du Centre d’interprétation de la pierre à Sprimont
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The Stone Interpretive Centre in Sprimont was inaugurated on 24 August 2018 at the end of the 25th International Sculpture Festival.

The aim of the Stone Interpretive Centre is to become a top “place of memory”, one of the major cultural and historic attractions of Wallonia.

Since 1985, the former power station of the Sprimont quarries has been home to the Museum of Stone. No run-of-the-mill building, the power station was built at the instigation of Mathieu Van Roggen, the head of the Sprimont quarrying company, in the early 20th century. Its very special architecture is made up of two large parallel halls built in 1904 mainly of stone, metal and glass.

In the former machine room at the end of the hall, the power control panel, similarly dating back to 1904, features an Art Nouveau design.

Restoration of the listed building took account of the materials used and its industrial legacy, while at the same time making access easier for the disabled.

Highlighting its interactive character, the Museum of Stone has been renamed the Stone Interpretive Centre, with visitors assuming an interactive role. At the same time, a number of rooms are now available for events related to stone, such as international sculpture festivals.

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