Bruyn Nord Multipurpose Hall

construction of a multipurpose hall and a retail space

The Bruyn Nord project was an opportunity for us to put forward our vision of a new estate integrated into the existing urban fabric.  The estate now forms a gateway to the town, with the human scale underlined by “islands” and with the site’s identity characterised by a higher building intended to “round off” the region’s urbanisation and by a town square to the right of the roundabout. This square is activated by two residential blocks, access to the planned regional park behind the estate and by a shop and community centre.

The following reflections guided our development of the projected multi-purpose community centre:

  • to provide a multi-purpose centre with a variable geometry allowing for all sizes of meetings;
  • to provide a landmark for the estate and its residents. The building’s design reflects its usages, with the accent on its lobby and the volume of its stairway;
  • to create a strong tie to the square, through making it the binding element between the other buildings on the square. The whole ensemble forms a “U”;
  • Integrating technical considerations:
    • spatial flexibility through the movable partitioning and through the structural choice of large doors (glulam beams);
    • low energy requirements;
    • good acoustics, in particular through the building’s geometry and the choice of materials;
    • good air-conditioning;
    • ease of access.

4253_Project Sheet Salle polyvalente Bruyn Nord

CPAS de Bruxelles
900 m²
Competition 2008
Georges De Kinder